Stars, planets & statistics.

Right now I'm interested in stellar ages and exoplanet populations,
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Research highlights


Data from the Kepler spacecraft reveal a tension between asteroseismic and gyrochronological ages. Find out more.

the SIP

A method for producing Systematics-Insensitive Periodograms of K2 data. It's called the SIP. Find out more.


Recalibrating the relations between flicker, surface gravity and stellar density using a Hierarchical Bayesian Model and characterising the intrinsic `jitter' in these relations. See the code.

Exoplanets with evolved hosts

It's hard to find exoplanets orbiting massive stars using the radial velocity method, so instead we look at evolved stars. These stars have high amplitude asteroseismic pulsations which produce RV jitter, so I've come up with an observing strategy to get around this problem. See the code.

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